“ACROSS” 品牌于2007年在香港成立并注册,是一个以潮流箱包为主打产品的香港原创潮流品牌。成员活跃于香港潮流设计领域及资深生产领域,他们带着在各自领域的丰富经验,以及对原创潮流的热爱,成立了“ACROSS”。
    在“ACROSS” 的世界沒有繁复累赘的装饰,设计上强调色彩和细节的配搭,实用简单的单品,不用刻意装扮,都能混搭出散发浓厚自我风格的有型LOOK。
     ACROSS is established in HongKong,2007. It is an original HongKong brand majoring in trendy bag design , ACROSS members are mostly acting in design and senior production areas in HongKong , they come together and established ACROSS with extensive experience in their fields , and the love of the original trend and the pursuit of quality.
    ACROSS designers design the bags with great functionality, convenient and practical interlayer design is a major feature of ACROSS bags. ACROSS persists high-quality manufacturing process, and quality control from the basic use of bags to selection of materials or ingredients used.
    The world of ACROSS is bright and colorful while simple, no any cumbersome decoration is applied. It emphasizes the match of colours and details. Products of ACROSS are simple, practical but stylish on difference individuals .it allows ACROSS’s fans fulfilled with youth and enthusiasm.